The trading of crude oil and refined products is one of Avro-Neftegaz's active area - including naphtha, gasoline, gasoil, jet fuel and fuel oil. Avro-Neftegaz also trade in specialty products include asphalt/bitumen, LPG, suphur and base oil. These quality products are traded widely through a regional and international network with market coverage extending from within CIS, throughout South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa and Europe.

Avro-Neftegaz offers a comprehensive range of products that meets customer's requirements across a number of industries and markets. By covering the management, operations and sales of products such as jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricants, bulk fuel and alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas (CNG), We are committed to providing products of the highest quality, adhering to all international safety and quality standards. In many areas we are already seeking ways to go beyond our goal of no damage and positively benefit the environment.

Our products are regularly tested and certified according to both Russian and International quality standards auditors, with ongoing in-house control ensuring consistency and maintenance of standards, and products are supported by comprehensive after-sales service and a team of qualified, experienced staff.
ANG Logistics Service
Avro-Neftegaz Logistics division with more than 850 direct employees and in cooperation with numerous partners operating in different cities in Russia and other locations; moving, loading, storing, discharging, packing (lubes, petrochemicals) and administrating raw materials, semi-finished and final products, and also providing logistics support to trading and domestic and regional sales activities, as an integrated part of the ANG supply chain....
ANG Consulting Service
Avro-Neftegaz has its own service capacities which fully meet the Company’s needs and can render services to third parties. NIS provides services through its subsidiaries ANG Oilfield Services and ANG Technical Services...