ANG Fuel Management Services - Specialty Products

Our specialty products has a large market base and are sold and distributed on a daily basis domestically and exported to international markets. With our technological innovations and expertise, our products are of high quality, and they meet both Russian and International standards.

We gradually dominate the Russian market for oil products, the CIS, SouthEast Asia, Africa, Europe and the International market.

We are a premier producer and supplier of the following:

  1. Our Special Products:


Motor Fuel

The quality of motor fuels directly affects an engine’s performance and its service life, its emissions, and thus it indirectly affects the quality of the air. Therefore, we are responsible for the entire process of production to marketing the final product. The result is the provision of fuels that are safe and with superior quality.
All types of motor fuel undergo strict and regular laboratory control, and are compliant with the Regulations on Technical and Other Requirements for Liquefied Fuel Originating from Crude Oil.

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Aviation Fuel-JP54

One of the most important business activities in the field of Oil and Gas at Avro-neftegaz is the supply and distribution of aircraft with aviation fuel, produced at the Avro-Neftegaz-Aero Refinery. This product is mainly used to power jet engines of aircrafts- it is also called JET.
Since 20011, the subsidiary of Avro-Neftegaz has been involved in the sale of jet fuel and providing a full range of services related to supply of aviation kerosene and organization of the aircraft fueling at the airports of Russia and CIS. We supply high-quality aviation fuels and lubricants corresponding to all technical requirements and official standards.

Avro-neftegaz offers the following Aviation fuel

  • Jet Fuel - JP54
  • Jet Fuel - TS-1
  • Jet Fuel - RT
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Bitumen (Asphalt)

Bitumen is the main raw material used in road construction and waterproofing industry. And Avro-neftegaz produces high quality Euro bitumen for the purposes of road construction.
Since 2014, one of the subsidiaries of Avro-Neftegaz, ANG-Bitum has been one of the dominating russian oil and gas industry in the production and sale of bitumen products. All types of bitumen, 50/70, 70/100, 160/220 (distilled or oxidized), and polymer modified bitumen, PMB 45/80-65, are produced in accordance with Russian and European quality standards. Our Ooperational base are located in Tyumen, Saratov and Yaroslavl. We supply both the Russian market, CIS, Asia and European market at large.