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  1. Processing & Refining

    Avro-Neftegaz impacts the lives of millions of people positively reaching from CIS, Europe and throughout the world; generating the energy that is driving Saratov-Russia’s development, providing the fuel that enables us to travel, and developing a range of innovative solutions that improve our quality of life. We are a leading oil refining company, with a total production capacity of more than 0.75 mln barrels per day, specializing in crude oil and condensate refining, supply of petroleum products and production of granulated sulphur.

    The Company has about 3 major oil refineries which make up more than 88 percent of our total crude oil refining capacity. These core refineries—in Saratov, Tyumen and in Tuapse. Some of these refineries are capable of processing heavy crude oils and producing a variety of high-value products, including transportation fuels. Production of more than 0.75 mln barrel per day and 10% increase in raw gas places us among Russia's top leaders in Oil and gas Production.
    In 2015, we domestically processed 12.32Mt of crude, and produced 9.69Mt of refined products. Production of profitable products increased, with the yield of refined products growing by 0.4% and the percentage of black products decreasing by 0.5%. Outputs of jet fuel, diesel, and aromatic hydrocarbons increased by 11.5%, 12.7%, and 12.4%, respectively. The production of green products, such as high-grade gasoline and standard diesel increased by 1.6% and 7%, respectively. We produce about 13% of the nation's oil products, consisting of gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene and lube oil etc.

    On September 6, 2010, the 10 Mt/a refining project became operational. It is capable of supplying 8.3 million tons of gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene and LNG, as well as 900,000 tons of petrochemical products such as polypropylene, aromatic hydrocarbon, benzene, toluene and mixed xylene. The project adopts a sophisticated environmentally friendly wholly hydrogenated process, with all of its products meeting the Euro III standard and 70% consistent with the Euro IV standard. At the same time, the company also set up a 3-tier control system to prevent and manage environmental risks, with more than 70% of wastewater recycled. We are committed to producing a target of 1.8 million barrels of oil per day by 2019, with due consideration of prevailing market conditions, and are constantly researching, developing and implementing innovative technologies and approaches that will enable us to enhance recovery and ensure improved production efficiency.

    Finally, our technical know-how enables us to execute unique projects cost-effectively, deploy existing technologies in new ways, reduce downtime and maximize production.

    Our Highly Competitive Products:

    One of the most highly demanded products in the market is the Euro 5 diesel fuel produced by A-NGCO which by number of indicators has no analogues in Russia. According to the contest "All-Russian Contest", it has been ranked among the list of 100 best Russian products. The quality of the diesel fuel produced at the refinery exceed figures of competitors on sulfur content of less than 3 ppm, which is absolutely lower than the threshold value of (max 10 ppm) for Euro-5.

    In 2015, the collection of associated petroleum gas amounted to 899.5 million m3, which was 15.9 million m3 more than in 2014. The utilization coefficient of associated petroleum gas amounted to 95.17%. The volume of associated petroleum gas supply to the gas refinery amounted to 814.6 million m3 in 2015, which was 19.6 million m3 more than in 2014. Processing of NGL of UKPN (oil treatment plants) totaled 285 thousand tonnes in 2015.
    Avro-Neftegazs holds more than 40 licenses not leaving more than 4 offshore licenses as of August 28, 2015.

  2. Gas Processing

    Our Gas Processing Plant, A-NGASCO, is one of the largest natural and associated gas processing companies IN THE Saratov region, with a process capability of 1.25 billion cubic feet of feed gas per day. We operates 2 plants for gas processing and natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction, an NGL Fractionation Plant, and a pipeline distribution network. It also operates a Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation facility in Ruwais. We highly adhere to Licensing Commitment and take responsibility when it comes to minerals usage.