ANG Fuel Management Services - (Natural Gas) Fuel for the

Natural gas is produced by nature as a result of the decomposition of organic vegetable and animal sediments, accumulated over thousands of years in natural underground deposits. It is in these pockets that natural gas is extracted and transported to the end user.

Whether it is sold as an energy source or a petroleum product used to power engines, compressed natural gas is considered as the fuel of the future because of its environment-friendly features.

Avro-Neftegaz is among the largest producer of gas in Saratov region and in Russia. The production of Natural gas is carried out by the Company's 3 major subsidiaries located in East Siberia, south of European Russia and Russian Far East. In 2015, Avro-neftegaz produced 25.54 bcm of gas (15% of total hydrocarbon production) and every year the gas section is becoming increasingly valuable for the Company.