Marketing & Distribution - To deliver the right amount of oil
and gas to the right place, at the right time.

  1. Marketing & Distribution

    Crude Oil and Petroleum products produced at Avro-Neftegaz Refineries are sold both in wholesale and retail are not limited to: gasoline, diesel fuels, motor oil and lubricants, aviation kerosene and bitumens. Avro-Neftegaz's Oil products are marketed and delivered to Russian market, the marketsof CIS and the international markets. The export total of crude oil to non-CIS countries amounted to 6.39 million tonnes of oil, while among neighboring countries the export total delivery amounted to 0.65 million tonnes of oil. The top volume of crude oil supplies to the domestic market was aimed at ensuring raw materials for loading and ANGCO-NK refineries production of granulated sulphur.

    The total export of oil to non-CIS countries is mainly performed through different ports such as Novorossiysk Port, Primorsk Port, Sea Pport of Ust-Luga as well as by oil trunk pipelines to Slovakia and Hungary. Republic of Belarus is the key direction of the oil supplies to the CIS countries region. There was an increase in the export of Saratov Light Crude Oil via the Port of Novorossiysk significantly increased in 2015 which allowed the Company to gain additional profit.

    Our Integrated Operational Approcach: Complex Market and Secure Supply Flow

    Avro-Neftegaz comprises of professional teams who work day-in-day-out to maximize the value of our products, making sure the supply flows are secured to our refineries and transport energy to consumer's designated hubs, while at the same time managing the risks of oil price fluctuatation and shipping. The major export volumes of the Company are transported via Transneft facilities, comprising the trunk pipeline network (TPN) and the ports.
    The main crude oil supply routes according to the year 2015 were:

    • Through Pipeline transport – We were able to export crude oil totalling 6.39 million tons (or 94.6% of total crude oil exports) through several ports. Of this amount above 40% were exported via seaports (including Primorsk, in Novorossiysk, Ust-Luga and Kozmino), and around 56% tons of crude oil were supplied to China, Belarus, Central and Eastern Europe via pipeline;
    • railway transport – This is 5.4% of total exports. And it includes supply flows via CPC oil pipeline to Belarus (o.85 million tons) and railroad (0.35 million tons).