ANG Fuel Management Services (Lubricants & Greases)

The lubricants product range makes it possible to satisfy the demand of both large plants and individual consumers, and includes over 150 lubricants produced by ANG-Lubricant Service, a subsidiaryof Avro-Neftegaz. We are engaged in developing new products, and as well in the sale and marketing of ANG Lubricants.
Those looking for a trustworthy and hassle-free producer and supplier for base oil, grease and lubricants trust ANG Fuel Management Services Ltd (A subsidiary of Avro-Neftegaz Refinery).

We are an established producer and distributor of base oil and lubricants and are known and respected for our reliability and business integrity.

We are a premier producer and supplier of the following:

  1. Base Oil:
  2. Lubricating Oil:


Lubricating Oil / Lubricants

We are an established manufacturer and authorised distributor of lubricants. We are capable of providing a wide range of products to various sectors. 

Some of our products (proprietary or manufactured by oil majors) include:

  • Passenger car engine oil / motor oil
  • Commercial vehicle engine oil / motor oil
  • Motorcycle engine oil / motor oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Gear oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
  • Circulation oil
  • Compressor oil
  • Locomotive oil
  • Metalworking Fluid
  • Refrigeration oil
  • Spindle oil
  • Steel mill oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Greases