In the Community

Avro-Neftegaz has a positive and lasting impact on the Russians of Saratov Region; creating thousands of jobs, driving the growth of a diverse knowledge-based economy, and helping to facilitate Russia’s socioeconomic development.
We constantly look for ways in which we can positively impact society; investing in education and research, creating unique employment opportunities, and developing critical infrastructure that supports the people of Russia’s growth and development.

We constantly look for ways that we can positively impact the communities in which we operate, and meet with local stakeholders regularly to discuss both current and future projects. This continuous dialogue ensures we are able to proactively address any community concerns, and identify ways that we can make a positive and lasting contribution to society. We provide resources, employment and training opportunities to Russian nationals. The region’s companies are also given priority in the provision of contracting and supply services.

Our strategic community investments include the development of Housing, implementation of medical insurance policy, roads, hospitals, schools, along with philanthropic donations to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Children with Special Needs and local sports and cultural clubs. We also provide humanitarian aid and relief assistance to a number of international causes.

We proudly sponsor several high profile annual events that include the MORDVINS OF THE SARATOV REGION, which showcases our nation’s values and in farming which encourages more sustainable cultivation and irrigation practices.