ANG Fuel Management Services (Fuel Oil Products)

Fuel oils are used as energy-generating fuels in industry and for power units in systems for which the burner manufacturer requires the use of this type of fuel. The fuel oil is a liquid hydrocarbon product with several different sub-types. Fuel oil could be used in metallurgy, construction and in the chemical, power and gas industries. Fuel oil is delivered by rail tankers, road tankers and tanker barges.

Avro-Neftegaz is an established producer and distributor of different fuel oil both light and heavy fuel (Low Sulphur fuel oil, Medium and extra light fuel oil), and we are known and respected for the integrity and quality of our products .

We are a premier producer and supplier of the following:


Low-sulphur fuel oil (ANG-S)

It is a blended residual and distillate fuel which must be preheated during transport, storage, and use, and it is intended for use in metallurgy and for all industry plants where a low sulphur content is required, as well as for power units.. 


Medium fuel oil (S)

Medium Fuel Oil is used in industry, agriculture, and for power units, specifically in systems for which the burner manufacturer requires the use of this type of fuel. Preheating is needed for transport, storage, and use of this fuel.


Extra light fuel oil (EURO EL)

It is a distillate fuel intended for industrial use, professional use, and for power units. It is intended for vaporization burners, as well as for all pressure burners, without the possibility of preheating fuel. The EURO EL extra light gas oil is a distillate energy-generating fuel which must be coloured a stable orange and must contain an indicator. The EURO EL extra light gas oil is obtained by blending diesel components.

Heavy fuel oil - energy for industrial heating and heating plants

Avro-Neftegaz Heavy Fuel Oil NS grades are developed to meet the needs of industrial heating and heating plants, and are also suitable for heating greenhouses. Our high-quality heavy fuel oil products are available in different grades based on customer needs. The basic selection consists of products with various viscosity alternatives, for example ANG Heavy Fuel Oil NS 100, 180 and 420, from which you can easily choose the most suitable and cost-effective product for your needs.