Exploration and Production - To help meet the World's
growing demand for energy

  1. Exploration & Production:

    Avro-Neftegaz has more than 20years experience in the Upstream business. One of our operations consists of oil and gas exploration and production assets in Saratov and product activities in other region of Russia. Avro-Neftegaz’s oil and gas exploration and production division is one of its core businesses, globally and in Russia. Group of expertise in the Lugovaya-1 oil well at Kamenski block near Saratov, oil field near the village of Ternovka and onshore areas of the different Russian regions are responsible for finding and safely extracting the energy resources Russia and the world needs.

    Production of more than 0.75 mln barrel of per day and 10% increase in raw gas places us among Russia's top leaders in Oil and gas Production.
    We are committed to producing a target of 1.8 million barrels of oil per day by 2019, with due consideration of prevailing market conditions, and are constantly researching, developing and implementing innovative technologies and approaches that will enable us to enhance recovery and ensure improved production efficiency.

    Finally, our technical know-how enables us to execute unique projects cost-effectively, deploy existing technologies in new ways, reduce downtime and maximize production.

    Key Operational Achievement in 2016:
    • Our exploration portfolio was extended through successful licensing rounds Tyumen and other russian regions, Kazakhstan and in Norway.
    • Highest onshore ANGCO production (41 mboepd) achieved since 2014.
    • Continuation of Production Optimization Program (PO) leading to an achievement of 7% onshore production increase in the ANGCO region driven by significant rise of oil (+12%) and onshore gas (+10%) production
    • A-NG ANGCO’s exploration concept attracted world-class partners like Statoil, Murphy and MolGroup.
  2. Licensing:

    We highly adhere to Licensing Commitment and take responsibility when it comes to minerals usage.
    According to the Russian law, exploration, mining or production of mineral resources is subject to an appropriate license which must be issued by a competent authorities, and it contains information about the subsoil block to be developed, about timelines, financial and other mineral use conditions. We were issued a number of licenses for surveys, exploration and extraction of oil and gas mineral materials by competent authorities within the territory of the Russian Federation and its environ.

    Avro-Neftegazs holds more than 100 licenses not leaving more than 10 offshore licenses as of August 28, 2015.