Environmental & Sustainability

At Avro-Neftegaz, we are committed to ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for our employees. We provide effective management and handling of oil-chemical products to create a sustainable environment and greener future. Environmentally friendly solutions are good not only for the environment but also for companies’ bottom-line. We know this well. That’s why at Avro-Neftegaz we always deliver cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.
Our actions speak of our unwavering commitment towards our community and environment:
  • We regularly monitor and improve our processes
  • Preserve habitat, biodiversity, and ecosystems
  • We have a history of supporting initiatives on resource conversation and pollution reduction
  • Manage and mitigate environmental risks.
  • We continuously work to improve the efficiency of our operations and reduce its impact on the environment.
  • Look for newer, better, and more effective methods to protect the environment.

Each decision we make is made only after thoroughly understanding its impact on the environment today and in future. That’s why we always incorporate environmental and social considerations in our business decisions. We always ensure we comply with the regulations and safety requirements of all the relevant authorities, including National Environment Agency (NEA), Russian Maritime Authority and Port of Saratov and other ports of Russia.
Communication is something we take seriously at Avro-Neftegaz Refinery. We maintain an open and honest communication with all our stakeholders. We always keep you informed about the impact of our industry on the environment. 

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