ANG Fuel Management Services - Crude Oil production
and market

Crude oil is a natural fossil fuel which, once refined, is used to create most of the energy sources used industrially and domestically, from gasoline and diesel to power vehicles, to jet fuel for aircraft and fuel for ships. It is also used widely in the production of chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilisers, pesticides and plastics.

Crude oil produced by the Company was delivered to the Russian domestic market and the markets of CIS and countries abroad. The crude oil exports to non-CIS countries amounted to 0.24 million tonnes of oil, while deliveries to neighboring countries amounted to 0.21 million tonnes of oil. The main volume of crude oil supplies to the domestic market was aimed at ensuring raw materials for loading the AN-G refineries
Our crude trading business has long-standing relationships with producers and refiners in every part of the world. We help the former to effectively market and distribute their daily production, and the latter to secure a reliable and consistent supply of the right quality crude at the right time.
The largest part of Avro-Neftegaz’s export volumes are shipped via Transneft facilities and CPC including the trunk pipeline network and the ports.

In addition to its own resources the Company sold 1.15 million tonnes of oil of the independent oil companies, including: