ANG Refinery - A State-of-the-art Plants with Large Storage Capacity

Welcome to Avro-Neftegaz Oil Refinery, Russia.

We are one of the world's leading energy producers, and a primary catalyst for Russia’s economic growth and diversification. All successful businesses have one thing in common — they build the right kind of partnerships. Avro-Neftegaz is considered a prominent oil refining company regionally and internationally contributing to oil markets Since our inception, A-NG maintained its position as a leading refining company, thanks to the high standard and efficient refining operations consistent with sound health, safety and environment practices as well as the world standard performance of both operations and employees.

Avro-Neftegaz provides one-stop integrated services for oil-and-gas management. The company specialises in both oil-and-gas exploration and refining, and production of fuels, lubricants and automobile products. An intelligent, dedicated provider offers many benefits: better management of petrochemical products, reduced overall costs, 100% compliance with Russian and International regulations, and reduction in carbon footprint to name a few.  

At A-NG Refinery, we have a proven track-record of providing these benefits and much more. Smart businesses know this, and that’s why they pick us.

Why we are our customer's partner of choice:
  • Established in 5th May 1995, we are fastest growing Russia's upstream and downstream Refinery in the Saratov region;
  • We provide a broad range of services, including exploration, production, Refining, Gas Production, Petrochemicals and Lubricant, Oil and Gas Marketing, and Logistics
  • We are licensed by the Ministry of Energy
  • Highly-trained, experienced, and committed staff
Corporate Profile

To be number one choice of partner in creating a sustainable environment by advancing oil-and-gas management through innovations and technology.

To provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to our value-added stakeholders in oil-and-gas exploration and production management.

Being honest, consistent and transparent in all dealings and relationships with our stakeholders. 
Can-do attitude in embracing change and actively seek better ideas and methods for continuous improvement.
Be mindful of the impact of our activities on the safety, health and environment of our employees and society.
Some Background about the Avro-Neftegaz Ltd Group of Companies
The Company is recognised by the Russian Mministry of Energy as the fastest growing Refinery in Saratovskaya region with a large-based exploration and production capacity serving both local and international market. Its products are exported to Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Australia.